Lock and protect your doors and items. Similar to Lockette for Spigot.

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1.13 and up servers, use the master branch
1.12.2 and below servers, use the legacy branch

What is LockIT?
LockIT is a skript coded replacement for the popular Lockette plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/lockette-uuid-supported.3054/. It's completely customizable, without requiring a developer.

LockIT is an Official DEssentials Addon - https://git.droidvengeance.com/droidvengeance/DEssentials

How to Use LockIT?

  • Shift + Right Click a chest, door or any item you specified while holding a sign. A sign will be placed on the chest with [Private] on line 1 and your name on line 2. Line 3 and for are for friends names or use line 4 for a timer.


Command Description
/lockit Main command
/lockit help Access the help menu
/lockit fix Fix protected doors stuck in the wrong position
/lockit [line#] [text] Update a LockIT sign

Why LockIT?

  • ease of use
  • simple to modify
  • add any item you want protected

LockIT - Features

  • Add friends or Everyone to your signs.
  • Add door timers.
  • No database.
  • Full UUID support.
  • Messages are editable.
  • Permissions are editable.
  • Customizable.